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Decadent Chocolate Waffles

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Decadent Chocolate Waffles
2011-02-22 Breakfast Brunch
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Waffles made with almond paste and melted chocolate chips topped with a smooth chocolate sauce, fresh berries, and sliced almonds would make a most heavenly brunch!

  • Servings: 5


½ cup Half-and-half
½ cup Light Corn Syrup
2 cups Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips
½ tsp Almond Extract
2¼ cups Self-rising Flour
¼ cup Sugar
½ cup Almond Paste, crumbled
1 cup Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips
1½ cups Milk
¾ cup Butter, cubed
3 Large Eggs
2 tsp Vanilla Extract
1½ cups Fresh Berries
¼ cup sliced Almonds


Sauce: In a medium saucepan, place half-and-half, corn syrup, and 2 cups chocolate chips. Heat until the chocolate melts, stirring occasionally; stir in almond extract.

Waffles: Combine flour, sugar, and almond paste in large bowl; set aside. Place 1 cup chocolate chips and milk in a large, microwave-safe bowl, and heat on high until the chocolate melts, about 3 minutes, stirring occasionally; stir in butter. Add chocolate mixture and eggs to flour mixture. Stir until barely mixed. Bake in waffle maker according to manufacturer's directions.

Serve hot waffles drizzled with chocolate sauce and garnished with fresh berries and almond slices.

Makes 5 belgian waffles or 12 standard ones.

Helpful Tips:

This can be served either for brunch or for dessert.