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Fried Egg & Watercress Sandwich

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Fried Egg and Watercress Sandwich
2011-04-11 Breakfast Brunch
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A delicious Italian sandwich made to your liking using yellow and red peppers, sliced onion, fried eggs, and the wonderful peppery flavor of fresh watercress.

  • Servings: 2


4 Eggs
2 slices Jack Cheese
4 slices Italian Scala Bread
Butter, for spreading on bread
Watercress, as desired
Sliced Yellow Bell Pepper, as desired
Sliced Onion, as desired
Small Marinated Red Peppers, as desired


Fry 4 eggs to desired doneness, placing 1/2 slice cheese on each egg.

Toast bread and spread a small amount of butter on one side of sandwich only.

To assemble sandwich: place in order,

watercress, yellow bell pepper slices,

small rings of onion, prepared eggs with cheese (side by side on sandwich),

and chopped red marinated pepper.

Top with upper slices of bread to form sandwich.

Helpful Tips:

Recipe is a delicious breakfast, brunch or lunch item - we've even eaten these for dinner. The sweet and sharpness of the marinated peppers and spice of the melted jack cheese, and the peppery flavor of the watercress make this sandwich perfect!